The Grand Prix of Sweden sweltered in high temperatures today for practice and qualification for the eleventh round of eighteen in MXGP, and around the dusty and hard-pack Uddevalla circuit Shaun came through a tricky Heat race with tenth place.

“I was third into the first corner but the bike washed out a bit and I lost a ton of positions; down to fifteenth I think,” said the Scot. “Again I have to point the finger at track preparation. It was shocking out there. Just no lines, and I took far too long to pass Tony [Cairoli] considering he still has a hand injury. The ground should have been watered well before this weekend. It is frustrating and seems to be a common problem lately. Tenth should still be OK for the start tomorrow but if I cant get away with the leaders then its just gonna be a ‘follow me’ type of job.”

The weather forecast points to even warmer conditions tomorrow with almost thirty degrees predicted.