Shaun kept up a 100% podium streak after his third pre-season International race appearance in three weeks with the third step of the rostrum in LaCapelle Marival in France today. A difficult day with errors, slips and speed good enough to hunt a third consecutive victory was in store for the double British Champion. “It was a trying day,” he said.

Under bright skies and good conditions for racing Shaun’s second event in France in the space of a week was a mix of frustration and satisfaction as ‘24’ went 4-11-2 in the three motos. The world number four had been aiming for his third success after wins at Hawkstone Park and Valence but a crash in the first moto and then three (!) in the second – the first of which he was unaccountable after being knocked off rounding the first corner – meant another ‘overall’ was out of the reckoning.

The final outing showed his true potential and extended his early ’16 form…although it did involve another fall on the first lap. “I was behind Karro but went down again trying to pass on the inside,” he recounted. “I overtook everyone up to Benoit Paturel and tried to get him on the last corner but he just held on and I was second. My speed was great and I felt good on the bike after some changes we made in the morning.”

“It was bummer to have so many crashes but it was handy to get all those mistakes and misjudgements out of the way,” he summarised. “Anyway, feet firmly back on the ground and the main work is next week in Qatar. All the work is done now.”

The first Grand Prix of 2016 will take place in just six days at Losail and Shaun, together with the Wilvo Virus Performance KTM team will jet out to Doha early this week.

Photo by Ray Archer