A top five finish at the Keiheuvel International in Belgium sees Shaun back on the Wilvo Yamaha and readying for a MXGP return this weekend

It has been a long time since the bitterly disappointing crash and arm-break on the first corner of the Qualification moto at Ottobiano for the Grand Prix of Lombardia. Two broken bones in one season – and the loss of a chance at Team GBR at the Motocross of Nations – is enough to pay for any racer and Shaun is determined to put some dark days of testing his patience firmly in the past.

The first outing since being cleared to ride and starting to find some track mileage with the YZ450F saw Shaun circulating in Belgium and trying to find his pace on the way to fourth position overall. “I went 5-4 on the day in two motos and had two small tip-offs in the first race,” he says. “We were trying to work on the balance of the bike all the way through and while it was a bit frustrating it was also good to be out there trying to push again and it beats a practice moto any day.”

“We’ll give Sweden a go now and just keep on trying to build things up,” he added.

Shaun is expected to head to Uddevalla this week and the first Swedish GP since 2015 with the distinctive venue missing the calendar last year. MXGP will then break for a week before travelling to the WW MX Park in Florida for the USGP.

#24 was called by Team GBR Team Manager Mark Chamberlain this week with the notification that his two injury problems meant he missed the window for selection to again represent his country at Matterley Basin on October 1st.

Naturally disappointed not to make the trio for the seventh time in his career, Shaun nevertheless understood the circumstances. “While it’s something I expected and I knew my making the team would be an outside shot at best it is still disappointing when you don’t read your name there and especially after being part of this special event for so many years now as well as Matterley Basin being a significant track for us and the British fans. Anyway, I really wish Dean, Max and Tommy can go out and get the job done. First and foremost I’m a fan of the sport and would love nothing more than seeing the Union Jack on the podium after so many years.”