Eleventh place overall, a brace of crashes, some emergency repairs and a sense of frustration at a track that is not a particular favourite; it’s fair to say that Shaun didn’t have the most enjoyable of Sundays at Kegums in Latvia.

A 16-7 scorecard could have been different however. ‘24’ fluffed his start in the first moto but his uncanny ability to find gaps, holes and a little advantage on the opening lap meant that he came from last out of the gate up to eighth mid way through the initial circulation. Pushing Dean Ferris for fifth he was too close to the Australian when he made a mistake in the berm entering the pitlane straight and Shaun could not avoid his rear wheel and crashed. Struggling for rhythm he tried to attack Evgeny Bobryshev for eleventh place on the last lap but when the Russian came up too short from a jump Shaun went down again.

During the break there was barely time to eat and recover as some urgent repairs to the 450SX-F and a damaged frame were called for. Shaun was more consistent (and launched off the line better) in the second moto to post a half decent seventh.

“I struggled to gel with the track and I feel that my bike set-up is dialled in for every other track apart from this one!” he said. “I struggle with grip, traction, suspension, engine character; everything. I find it a bit difficult to set up. The positives are that I am still seventh in the championship and managed to have a reasonably solid second moto after a disastrous first one. I wanted it too much today and I’m trying too hard…if that makes any sense. It hasn’t been an easy weekend and nineteen points is not a total disaster but it is a lot less than I was expecting.”

Still seventh in the MXGP points table, Shaun can forget his Grand Prix duties this week and put the No.1 plate on the bike in readiness for the sixth round of eight in the Maxxis British Championship where he is still unbeaten.

Photo by Ray Archer