Add some new fancy kit and colours to the list and it wasn’t a bad 2015 British Grand Prix at all for Shaun who ended up finishing sixth overall at Matterley Basin with a 5-6 scorecard.

The Scot ran as high as second in the first moto and led the first four laps of the second race after his second holeshot of the season. The 35,000 crowd (weekend figure) near Winchester cheered ‘24’ loudly as he fought the onslaught of the factory bikes and 2015 GP winners like Max Nagl and Tony Cairoli.

“Great weekend,” he said afterwards. “It is always nice to put on a show for your home crowd and I felt like this was a special one already from Saturday with some new kit for the occasion; the look good-feel good factor.”

“The track wasn’t especially to my liking,” he said of the fast, and reasonably dry Matterley mud. “It was really fast and not nearly as technical as it has been in the past. I knuckled down. I fluked a good start in the ‘second’ moto – the restart – because someone next to me went early and so did I and the gate dropped just as we both moved. I ran in second and dropped back to fifth while holding Paulin off.”

“In the second one I finally nailed a good start! My second holeshot of the year. I was pumped on riding out front. I led four laps I think and the crowd was getting behind me. I gave myself a massive ‘whoo-hoo’ as I went down one of the big step-downs on the first lap. I just enjoyed it. I was a little bit off with my speed-fitness at the end but I think the restart got a few riders today. I held off Gautier [Paulin] again. So overall sixth and I was looking for two top sixes here and I met my goals. I’m real happy and thrilled to put on a show for the public. I’m looking forward to France now which should be a new track for most of us.”

Shaun is now seventh in the world and is 62 points behind Evgeny Bobryshev.

Photo by Ray Archer