St Jean D’Angely and the Grand Prix of France was one to cross off the list in the MXGP World Championship for Shaun as a broken bone in his right hand meant that lapping the hilly course close to La Rochelle was an unrealistic prospect.

The British Champion sustained the injury at Talavera de la Reina in Spain and the ninth round of the series last weekend. Pain and swelling during the week led to an x-ray and conformation of the broken base of the sesamoid bone on the right hand (the one connecting to the little finger) on Wednesday. Despite treatment and painkillers the twenty-eight year old Scot, who is seventh in the MXGP standings, was unable to lap with strength, confidence or speed at St Jean.

“I had a go in practice and wanted to see if I could manage because the pain was on the outside of my hand,” he said. “It is an injury that will need some time to heal and means I cannot ride between the races; especially with the British Championship dates coming up. If I can rest it this week and do some other training I hope to be better for Desertmartin and then the British Grand Prix. It is a shame but that’s the goal now.”

Round four of eight in the Maxxis British Championship will take place in the former GP venue of Desertmartin next weekend.