One of Shaun’s new backers for 2016 is a fascinating new British company called drybrow. Their sports liners for helmets provide a curious addition to Shaun’s kit list and have proved an invaluable asset in the opening rounds of the series, particularly in hotter climes like Qatar, Thailand and Mexico.

Two thirty minute and two lap motos mean that MXGP race days are often the hardest and most demanding of all motorcycle sports and Shaun relies on the innovation and attention-to-detail of key partners in the search for an advantage or to assist performance.

“It might not sound so nice but I sweat loads when I’m riding! Before I had to find different ways to effectively block the sweat from rolling down into my goggles,” he explains. “Helmet liners have gotten a lot better over the years but I still had some pretty unusual ways to sort the problem. When I found out about Drybrow it was something to try and I was surprised about how well it worked. It was a product that did the job and the design and fit was spot-on. I like partnering with companies that think of new ideas and then work for practical and better solutions and – perhaps in the unlikeliest of places – I found one with Drybrow. For anyone who rides then its something you often wonder how you managed without.”

To learn more about drybrow and how the product can help in riding motocross and motorcycling generally then check out: