For Hitachi Construction Equipment UK KTM, the seventh round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship has been a reason to celebrate. Despite severe weather forecast for much of the south west, Cusses Gorse was lucky to escape much of it, and saw the team celebrate its second MX1 championship.

On a wet but solid track, the morning’s qualifying sessions got the day underway; after the customary super-pole sessions, Shaun Simpson led the MX1 class on pole.

After a season’s firsts and seconds, the MX1 championship has been within reaching distance for Shaun. Despite reigning champion Kristian Whatley taking the first of three races on the day, it was only a delay of the inevitable. In race two, Shaun simply took charge in lap two, checked out and then, after twenty-seven minutes, crossed the finish line with a flourish, a heel-clicker, to celebrate his championship win. The final race of the day was hard work; although in second for all but three laps, Shaun ended the day with another win and the overall on the day.

Shaun Simpson:

“It was a tough old day. The goal today was two things and that was first of all to win the championship, and second of all to stand on the top step of the podium. I would’ve liked to have done it with 1-1-1, it was looking like it was going to go 2-1-2 for a first overall, but Graeme crashed and unfortunately for him that’s cost him a lot today. It’s a shame for him, he’s trying hard, he was absolutely flying and Kristian and I had nothing for him, and we were just having our own little battle. You’ve got to finish the race, and I pride myself on that and that’s why at this stage of the year I’ve managed to win the championship. My worst result to date is still the first race of the year, which was a third, every other race has been a second or a win. Consistency was key in this championship, and I just want to thank everyone, my personal sponsors, my team, my mum, my dad, my girlfriend, just for being there.”

Overall Results CUSSES GORSE BC7:

1. Shaun Simpson (Hitachi Construction Equipment UK KTM) 72,
2. Kristian Whatley (MBO Sport Yamaha) 69,
3. Graeme Irwin (Heads & All Threads Suzuki) 54,
4. Brad Anderson (Buildbase Honda Racing) 51,
5. Elliott Banks-Browne (Buildbase Honda Racing) 45,
6. Nathan Parker (Buildbase Honda Racing) 45,
7. Gert Krestinov (Apico LPE Kawasaki Racing) 45,
8. Nathan Watson (Dantec Husqvarna) 42,
9. Alex Snow (Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 37,
10. Luke Hawkins (Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 35,

Championship Results After Round 7 of 8:

1. Shaun Simpson (Hitachi Construction Equipment UK KTM) 424,
2. Kristian Whatley (MBO Sport Yamaha) 303,
3. Brad Anderson (Buildbase Honda Racing) 260,
4. Graeme Irwin (Heads & All Threads Suzuki) 256,
5. Gert Krestinov (Apico LPE Kawasaki Racing) 243,
6. Nathan Watson (Dantec Husqvarna) 239,
7. Jake Nicholls (Wilvo Forkrent KTM) 216,
8. Alex Snow (Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 198,
9. Priit Rätsep (Oakleaf Kawasaki) 174,
10. Elliott Banks-Browne (Buildbase Honda Racing) 158