Frustrating outing for Shaun at the Sainte Austreberthe International in France for the May day bank holiday today. A large crowd turned out to see the British Champion face off against a host of competitors on the old-school style circuit. Aiming to keep trim and in race form in the break between Grands Prix and just before the third round of the British Motocross Championship at Canada Heights (Kent) this weekend Shaun rolled into the paddock in France eager to put on a good show.

SS24 missed a gear and flipped over the bars on a small tabletop in the first race. He had to come back from eighth place to rescue second spot. The second sprint was a fairly easy victory ahead of the likes of Gert Krestinov and former world champ Mickael Pichon and overall triumph was within reach by just over a lap in the final moto until Shaun’s 450SX-F kicked a chain and forced a DNF.

“It was a pretty good meeting with a lot of people there; I don’t think I have ever signed so many autographs!” he said. “The crash and the mechanical problem obviously stopped it being a good day and another win but I’d rather get my bad luck out of the way at an event here than say in the British where every point counts. I love Canada Heights and I hear there have been a few changes to the track so looking forward to that now.”

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Revo KTM rider headed straight to the channel train to get over to the UK and to Swanley for round three of eight in the Maxxis series.