The perils of three hours racing around a set of jumps, holes, dunes and hundreds of other riders on the beachfront at Weston-super-mare showed today as Shaun experienced a technical problem that meant a long day of overtaking to reach 36th position.

The Scot was first at the end of the long start straight of several kilometres and on the fringe of the sea gently lapping up onto the course, but his Hitachi Construction Machinery Revo machine suffered a misfire and the British Motocross Champion lost five laps and dropped out of the top five hundred trying to restart.

‘24’ managed to get back into the race – three hours in duration – and then started a dramatic charge through the field of riders, most struggling to make it around the layout. Setting the fastest lap on the way Shaun cut through the throng to arrive inside the top forty.

“I got to the end of the straight in the lead but then the bike cut out,” he explained afterwards. “We still don’t know what really went wrong. I eventually got it going and then it was just about having fun, threading through and seeing where I could arrive. My pace was good and I enjoyed myself; an afternoon in the sand really and I got to the end in one piece.”

Shaun now enters a period of downtime from his racing commitments and will start to prepare for the Supercross Paris-Lille in mid-November from his base in Scotland in the coming weeks.